beginning dog training, dog training, oakland, dublinBehavior and Training DEPARTMENT

The East Bay SPCA Behavior and Training Department offers an array of services and free resources benefitting the animals in our care, as well as those animals owned by the public. Our dog training classes serve more than 1,200 clients and their canine companions annually.

We are proud to offer the following:

Behavior and Training Services & Programs:
Dog Training Classes
Shelter Dog Behavior Modification Program
Professional Seminars

Behavior and Training Resources:
Online Behavior and Training Library
Behavior and Training Hotline (call 510-563-4623)

Shelter Dog Behavior Modification Program:
Helping behaviorally challenged dogs is a top priority at the East Bay SPCA. In 2011, we created a behavior modification program where volunteers help our shelter dogs to overcome certain behavioral issues so that they can be adopted into new, loving homes. Read more...


Dog Training Classes
The East Bay SPCA Dog Training Program is designed to enrich the bond between you and your companion through positive reinforcement methods. Our expert trainers teach small classes to ensure you and your dog received individualized care and attention. We offer Beginner, Advanced, and Specialty Classes, Workshops, and Private Training.

We have two convenient class locations to serve you:
East Bay SPCA Oakland Adoption Center: 8323 Baldwin Street
East Bay SPCA Dublin Adoption Center: 4651 Gleason Drive

dog, cat, workshopsWorkshops for Dogs
We offer workshops for the public and their dogs. These one-day sessions are focused on a specific behavior and provide an overview.

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Professional Seminars
Our goals are to bring the “best of the best” together, to foster learning, and to make dog training curriculum available to those who wish to enhance their knowledge and skill base. As such, we offer professional seminars that are open to the public, or to dog training and animal sheltering professionals. Please check back here soon for more to come.

Behavior and Training Library
We understand that sometimes your pet's behavioral issues can be overwhelming, and that's why we're here to help! By providing helpful information and tools, our goal is help pet owners and potential adopters gain a deeper understanding of cat and dog behavior to ensure that people and pets live together comfortably.  The guides in our online library contain scientifically-based methods and best practices that will help you manage many common behavioral problems. Visit Online Library.

Behavior and Training Hotline
If your pet has a persistent behavioral problem, and you need help or advice please call our Behavior and Training Hotline and leave a message (510) 563-4623. We will return your call within 72 hours. Click here to view our online behavior and training library.