HUMANE Education

The East Bay SPCA promotes compassion for all living things through our Education Programs.

Our programs explore how we might live with compassion and respect for everyone: not just our friends and neighbors, but all people; not just our own dogs and cats, but all animals and living beings; and not just our own homes, but also the Earth itself.

Below are some of the programs the East Bay SPCA offers for students of all ages. For more information on or questions about any of our programs, please send us an email.


Justin Kurup - Humane Education Supervisor
Justin started as the Humane Educator for the East Bay SPCA at the beginning of 2013. He recently moved into his role of Humane Education Supervisor and plans to use his years of informal education programming experience to the organization's benefit. Justin graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelors in Animal Science with an emphasis in companion & captive animals. Previously, Justin has taught life skills & competitive speech at the high school level. Though his true passion is education, Justin has enjoyed working at several large animal agricultural facilities as well. Growing up in the San Francisco bay area, Justin has been able to form many relationships & connections with the communities, rescue groups, & veterinary clinics he has served over the past decade. He has been devoted to a humane lifestyle and gets to bring the campers' favorite playful pit mix, Meeko to camp every day. Justin believes that working with diverse populations is the best part of his job!

Courtney Campbell – Humane Education Coordinator 
Courtney will be part of this summer’s animal camp staff. Courtney graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in Integrative Biology hoping to follow in the footsteps of her idols Steve Irwin and David Attenborough. Her career post-graduation has taken her to several animal organizations including the Aquarium of the Bay, the East Bay Vivarium, the San Francisco Zoo, the Oakland Zoo, and now here! Courtney has a balance of experience in animal care and education and always has a fun animal fact ready for any situation. At home, Courtney enjoys downtime with her pet Uromastyx lizard Drogie, and her Dalmatian mix Pongo, who she adopted recently from East Bay SPCA. She enjoys hiking while looking for birds and reptiles to photograph and loves a good adventure.  Courtney hopes to inspire at any age an interest in studying animals and the desire to help animals in need.