Consider a gift for a kitten today!

Click for our AMAZON.COM Wish list or see a list of items below. Purchasing an item from our wish list will generate a commission of up to 8% for the East Bay SPCA!

Between now and August 30, we are asking for donations to help improve and complement the care we give to kittens, some of whom need to be bottle fed upon arrival at the East Bay SPCA. Please see a list of needed items below. To make a monetary donation to the East Bay SPCA, click here.


Snuggle Safe

Kitten Milk Replacement
Meat Based Gerber baby food (no onions or garlic)
Non-clumping litter
Kitchen Scales

Cardboard cat scratchers
Kuranda Cat Towers (all sizes) -
In kennel cat scratchers
Kitty Cot

If you would like to make a donation, please visit our donation page. You can be proud that $0.83 of every $1.00 we receive goes directly to the animals in our care.