Chihuahua Palooza

What is Chihuahua Palooza?
In 2010 East Bay SPCA spearheaded the effort to bring awareness to the increasing number of homeless Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes entering Bay Area shelters, and named this effort “Chihuahua Palooza”. We reached out to other humane organizations and public shelters, encouraging adoption specials, spay/neuter promotions and education about the pint-sized breed. Four years later, Chihuahua overpopulation is still an issue for the Bay Area as the effects of over breeding can last for decades. It is more important than ever for the public to spay/neuter and learn as much as they can to stem the tide of homeless Chihuahuas!

Today, we are continuing the effort to help these little dogs find homes, be healthy and live well! Chihuahua Palooza is a celebration of these small dogs and we think you should meet one - they're pretty cool!

Below is a list of activities, other participating shelters and educational materials!

The Great Chihuahua Challenge!
This year we are issuing The Great Chihuahua Challenge! We have challenged ourselves to spay/neuter 100 Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes between May 4-10, 2014! We are currently full.

To learn about other discounts on Chihuahua spay/neuter surgery, including Chi Fix 2014 call 510-639-7387.

Chihuahua 101 - Educational Materials

Chihuahua 101: A guide to Chihuahua behavior, care and information






Chihuahua Myth vs. Fact