2015 Professional Seminars

The East Bay SPCA is proud to host thought leaders and innovators in animal behavior and training at our newly-renovated Oakland Education & Training Center.

Nan Arthur presents "Chill Out, Fido! HOW to Calm Your Dog

Saturday, April 11 2015 (9 am - 4 pm), Oakland

Does your dog go bonkers when the doorbell rings or when you grab the leash to take him for a walk? If you find your dog is often difficult to control, you are not alone! Getting your dog to calm down and relax is one of the most common challenges pet parents face.

This workshop led by Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant Nan Arthur will help you identify the factors that cause this kind of behavior in dogs and provide you with key training exercises to teach your dog how to calm down, pay attention to you, relax, and respond to everyday situations with confidence and composure.

Who should attend: This workshop is beneficial for dog guardians, dog trainers and behavior professionals, and volunteers and staff of shelter and rescue organizations.

What will be covered:

  • Why can't dogs relax and chill out?
  • Common complaints by dog guardians
  • Self-control is an exhaustible resource - what we can do to help our dogs
  • Social pressures of having a dog that misbehaves
  • Stress factors and how that affects behavior
  • Training and equipment factors
  •  Exercise- too much or too little? Where is the balance?
  • How diet can affect behavior
  • Demonstrations with dogs of "chill out" exercises


Nan is the author of the acclaimed book "Chill Out Fido! How to Calm Your Dog" and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. Nan serves as a faculty member for the esteemed Karen Pryor Academy, regarded as the "graduate school" for dog trainers and is a uniquely qualified behavior consultant with expertise in evaluating, managing and modifying a wide range of challenging dog behaviors. Nan's mission is to help pet parents and their animals understand and communicate clearly with one another using the science of positive behavior and training methods.

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