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The animals in our care are varied in color, shape, size and background. Each of their stories is just as unique. What they have in common is a chance to find happiness, and security of a loving home. We couldn't be more grateful to you for adopting your dog or cat from us. We invite you to share your East Bay SPCA dog or cat's happy ending with our online community.

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We lost our beloved Daisy three weeks ago to cancer and our family was devastated. My wife, who generally is not a cat person, suggested we go to the East Bay SPCA to check some kittens out. We wanted to get a kitten so we could mold him or her into a loving mush ball that was a lap cat. Daisy's brother Abner, is still with us and I'm afraid to say very skittish. So, I went over the East Bay SPCA to check out the kittens and saw some lovely candidates (actually, they all are IMHO). I looked over to the older cats and noticed this full grown cat that was beautiful and seemed to be very loving. I had an appointment to get to so I left but I knew I would return the next day. Kathryn, my wife, came with me because this was important decision to us.

We visited with some kittens but it was such a hard choice, we decided to check all the cats out. We didn't want a real old cat because we didn't want to go through losing the cat soon. We eventually met five year old Puma, the same cat I noticed the day before. Kathryn sat on the floor and Puma went straight to Kathryn's lap! What?!  Done deal!!!!

We took him home and he immediately started purring. First order of business? Renaming him! I decided I wanted to name him after a character from Game of Thrones, Tyrion. A very regal name for a regal mush ball!

We absolutely love this cat! My wife, the non-cat person has been turned! Tyrion is now "her cat". I NEVER thought I would say that. And Abner has been introduced and they tolerate each other. I'm sure it has more to do with Abner than Tyrion but it is encouraging!

It always breaks my heart to see older cats in the shelter. Even though the East Bay SPCA does a great job, I still can't wrap my head around why anyone would give up a family member. We were so happy to have found a new member of our family and will always be grateful for the great work the East Bay SPCA does. Thanks you all!

Zoe, Sasha, Murphy - a trilogy..

I never thought I'd be a cat person. I was raised with dogs, not cats. Then I saw Zoe.

The East Bay SPCA-Oakland had an empty space near where I worked at the time where they would bring cats and dogs up for adoption during the day. You would pass by the window and see cats and dogs playing. Zoe was the smallest kitten there. She was a tiny tortie with a stripe running right up her nose. I knew she was mine. She is now 12yrs old now and my heart. I am now a cat person. Thank you East Bay SPCA.

When Zoe turned 4, I decided to adopt another kitty to keep her company. I went back to the East Bay SPCA-Oakland and learned that black kitties really are passed over more than any other kitty. So right there I decided to adopt another black kitty. The Universe directed me to Sasha. She was a majestic all black Maine Coon with green eyes -- striking. She had been in shelters for 2 years. TWO YEARS. But her personality was bubbly, chatty, outgoing. When I came near her cage, she cried at me and I knew -- she was mine. We would spend the day talking as if we were old friends sharing stories. Zoe loved her and they were the best of friends. I cherished her until I had to say good bye in January of 2014. Cancer took her. My heart was broken. I had her 8 wonderful years and miss her terribly. But thank you again SPCA. My heart overflowed knowing her.

In February, about a month after I had to say good bye to my precious Sasha, I found Murphy. She was a tortie/Maine Coon mix. Her family turned her in at the East Bay SPCA-Oakland at 8 years old because they decided to move and not take her. She was sweet and you could tell she missed her family. I took her home and told her that I would never leave her and that I was glad she was part of our family now. She is fat, happy, cuddly, and chases the light pen like she'll eventually catch it - victory!! Thank you East Bay SPCA. She is another wonderful kitty to love.

I am grateful to the crew at the East Bay SPCA because they are a truly caring group who want the best fit between pet and person. They have helped me know so much joy and love. Come and visit them. Helping a kitty or doggie find a forever home is among the most fulfilling things you'll ever do. You'll never regret it.



 Dear East Bay SPCA-Dublin,

In June of 2013, my family and I were in search of a new dog to join our family. In March of that same year we lost our dear dog Maddy to cancer, after 13 years of having her. We were devastated and knew we wanted to adopt again when the time was right. So when June came along we started looking at various SPCA Centers and found a dog at the East Bay SPCA- Dublin Center online but when we went to visit the shelter this particular dog was already adopted out. We then decided to walk around the center and see what other dogs were available.  As we passed by the outdoor portion of the center, we stumbled upon Bentley (his shelter name being Kahuna) with his paws pressed up against the fence and his happy go lucky smile staring at us. It was like love at first sight! We wanted to meet him right away. There was only one problem, Bentley was new to the Dublin Center and had not yet received his behavioral tests. He was unadoptable at that point. Bentley just came in from a shelter in Hawaii and had not gone through the normal tests dogs receive when they come in the SPCA Center. Staff explained to us that he could become adoptable later in the day or in the next couple days and to check the web site often.

We drove back to Sacramento constantly checking the web site to see if he was available. Later that day, after the 20th refresh of the web site we saw that his picture was up and that he was ready for adoption. My mom and I made plans to go back to the Dublin center the first thing in the morning and be there when the center opened. After getting there we were first in line waiting for the doors to be open so we could meet Bentley.  Apparently, there were some other families that were interested in him as well that were waiting. It was a good thing we came early in the morning and that we were first in line.  After they brought out Bentley to us to have a visit, it was apparent that we just fell in love and wanted to take him home that day.  When we were done signing papers, we walked out with Bentley and went home that day. It has been such a joy to getting to know him and having him in our lives. He has been on so many adventures since that day and has really evolved in to a perfect piece of our family. We can’t imagine not having him! Thank you to the East Bay SPCA- Dublin Center with helping us go through the adoption process. You have such a lovely center and helpful staff!

Stacy from Sacramento, CA

Pele the soccer star & lightning goddess

In February 2014 we decided it was time to get a friend for our playful but lonely middle-aged cat.  We chose "Lightning" as she was called at the East Bay SPCA--a sweet, beautiful, playful, very skinny 1-year old girl who is all black with yellow eyes.  

We could tell she liked to chase things during our initial meeting at the shelter--but it wasn't till we got her home that we discovered she is an incredible soccer player.  Give her a little ball and she will dribble it all over the house at lightning speed, then deliberately swat it down the stairs, fly down to tackle it, and bring it back in her mouth--while trilling to announce her triumph.  

Due to her soccer skills, we re-named her Pele after the greatest soccer player of all time.  Coincidentally, Pele is also the Hawaiian goddess of fire, lightning, and volcanoes--so her new name also reflects her shelter name.  She is the sweetest, most entertaining and affectionate kitty we could have asked for.

She is healthy and has grown into a silky, sleek, curious young adult.  Furthermore, she and the other cat experienced love at first sight.  Half the time they are play-wrestling together, and half the time they are snuggling together on the couch.  Pele was starved for cat friendship (or parenting) after her many months in a shelter, because she was really still a kitten.  So she follows the older cat all around, learns from him, imitates him, and curls up to nap right on top of him.  Sometimes they bathe each other.  We heard that Pele was stuck at the Contra Costa county shelter for 8 months before she came to the East Bay SPCA!!  Black cats are adopted at the lowest rates of all cats in shelters.  But we are here to tell you that black cats are THE BEST!  Thank you East Bay SPCA for rescuing her and letting us adopt her!

Jager finds a family

Back in late August last year we started thinking of adopting a third kitty to add to our family. We happened to start looking and I ws mesmerizd by a little hyper black blaze of fury known then as Wesley. This little hyper kitten was throwing himself from his cage backwards onto his littermates and back again. I loved his energy and knew he could keep up with the big girls we already had. When I picked him up he instantly cuddled into my chest and was completely happy just being like that. It was a good twn minutes that I just held him in my arms while things happened around him and he just sat there calm and purred. I knew he was the one.

We brought him home at about 3 months old and right "out of the box" he has been the leader of the pack. He was never intimidated by the fact out two female kitties are older than him and bigger. He would just charge them and play and had absolutely no fear! Corona ( my oldest at 7) took on the mother role , lettinmg him gnaw on her , punce her , chase her tail , whatever he wanted and never showed any mean tendencies. Our other Guinness ( 6 years old) took a little more warming up to but they all love eahc other and defend each other often.

Jager spends his days cuddling at our feet when watching tv , running around like a crazy kitty , and being an amazing addition to our family. He still cuddles on my chest the same way he did that first day. My husband claims it's because i'm his "mommy". I'm so thankful for this wonderful addition to our family.

We love him!





Dear East Bay SPCA (Dublin),

In late October I welcomed a dog into my home. As my first pet that I didn't share with siblings or parents, I was nervous about finding the right dog. Your staff and volunteers were incredibly helpful in helping me figure out which dogs I should consider, and before long I met a dog that was known as OTW at the time (he has since been renamed Loki).

Loki has now been home with me for almost six months, and I can't imagine life without him. When I first brought him home, he was shy and wasn't sure what he was doing or why he was in my apartment. He would hide under the bed with a toy for comfort, and was terrified of my roommate's boyfriend. Now he runs to the door whenever I come home, he sleeps on the bed all night long, and he's the friendliest pup on the block. He's even become best friends with the cat (though the cat would disagree).  Loki loves to help with laundry and homework by sleeping on top of it.

Adopting Loki was, without a doubt, the best choice I made in 2013. I'm thankful to have adopted him, and to have found the Dublin SPCA.

Sincerely, Natalie & Loki


My Homegirl Pebbles

I adopted (Truffles) now know as Pebbles, a few weeks ago from the East Bay SPCA in Oakland. It was love at second sight. Let me explain. I first went in on a Saturday, and spent some time with Pebbles. She was very jittery, and hardly noticed me. But something told me to give her a chance. So, I put a 24 hour hold on her, and came back on Sunday. That was a smart decision, because I suspect Pebbles was testing me. When I came back on Sunday, Pebbles jumped right in my lap, and gave me a kiss. That pretty much sealed the deal. 

Pebbles is now my best bud. When I get home from work, she's waiting patiently at the door, ready for a back scratch and kiss. We hang out, watch movies, play lots of games, (her favorite is hide and seek). Pebbles follows me everywhere and always needs to be the same room as me. If I spend too much time on the computer, she'll jump on the keyboard, and remind me she needs a back rub. I made the mistake of calling her sweetie the other day, when my girlfriend was over, I'll have to watch that, but Pebbles is a little sweetie, so what can I say. She's my home-girl.

I would recommend the East Bay SPCA in Oakland. Their facility is top notch, and the on-site veterinary client is an added bonus. If your looking for a little buddy, you should definitely drop by.


Back at home!

We adopted Gio, the Rottweiler mix formerly know as Trevor, from the Dublin location back in May 2013 - can't believe it's going to be a year now that he has come into our lives! 

He is the sweetest goofball and I am so grateful to have him. When we first brought him home, he had major anxiety issues and was constantly licking himself, but after almost a year with us, and with the help of his older sister (Elsa the border collie mix) he has grown a sweet, confident, heart throb of a pup full of personality and has gotten accustomed to our dog park routine; he is the BEST at playing fetch and is almost as fast as his sister now! He is spoiled rotten with toys and treats and enjoys watching horror movies next to us on his memory foam XL bed with "Ramon" his stuffed and abused stuffed platypus.

Gio is such a fast learner, with the right amount of motivation, he has learned to roll over, speak, sit, stay, etc. and I am looking to get him into some classes at the SPCA to challenge him a little more.

Thank you SPCA for taking care of my baby, he was a "Second Chance" dog who was saved from being euthanized -  and for allowing me the pleasure of having him in my life!



My Simba Story

We had such a wonderful experience adopting with your facility.  We were there for a few hours and with a 3 year old that was a feat in itself. I wanted to make sure we found the right cat.  I wanted to share our experience regarding my past and this adoption. 


I am almost 40 and when I was a freshman in high school I got a black kitty from the shelter that I named Simba.  He was with me through so much. He truly had at least 9 lives. He had disappeared for about three months when I was in college (still living at home with him). I was devastated. I spent every day checking message boards and driving around neighborhoods.  He eventually found his way back to me and was even more loveable than before.  I got married and he moved with me, ended up getting divorced and he moved with me. He then survived a horrible coyote attack and bounced back miraculously.  Years later I remarried and again Simba came with me. I am a military wife so he had a few more moves to make and he always adjusted well as long as he was with me.  We got a second cat to keep him company while we worked. He looked just like Simba and we named him Ditto, (Houston SPCA) at the time.  After several other moves we get here to the bay area and are living in Novato when I get pregnant.  I knew once this finally happened for us that my beloved soul mate would let me go as he knew I would have a new baby to love.  Simba passed away at the age of 21 two months before my daughter Cooper was born, November 2010. The hardest day of my life.  


Fast forward to present and walking into your facility. I wanted a cat to pick us just as much as we picked it.  After two hours Cooper and this gray and white kitten bond. He lets her wrap him up, play, hold, so much. I was rather impressed! I informed your staff that "Pounce-O-Rama" was the cat for us.  To my surprise we learned that his name was actually Simba.  I guess a previous adopter could not keep him and had to bring him back. Microchip and paperwork all say Simba and of course as the stars aligned and destiny has a way,..we have kept his name. Although they look nothing alike my other cat seems to take on traits from my old Simba and I feel in some weird way I have him back.  My story is too special not share and I cannot tell you the music it is to my ears to hear my daughter talk to Simba and Ditto,....just like I used to when I had my old Simba and Ditto. Amazing.


So thank you and your staff!!



Fred and I adopted a dog called Ocean on June 11th, 2011. He is named Felton now, and he is a welcome addition to our family after we lost our other beloved dog, Warsaw. 

Felton is a very polite and kind dog; he welcomes everyone he meet! Heis a black Havanese/poodle mix. You can tell he travels all over the U.S in those photos.

Felton always can find a buddy and spends time to play! He is so in love with water, and wants to be near it. He has a sister McA who can’t figure him out. You can just imagine how McA is thinking "BOYS" when she sits on her throne.



Jill E. Willow

We adopted Jill E. Willow (you knew her as Lucy at the Dublin location) on Feb 15th. She is so grateful that you took such good care of her for nine months and she wanted to share her story on your site--in her own words :)
With thanks - Britt, Matthew & Jill E. Willow the Kitty

Dear Dublin SPCA,
Meow from Rockridge, where I've started a new life with my forever family! You will remember me as "Lucy" from the Dublin location (back then I couldn't read, write or type--quite an improvement, huh?). You took such good care of me for nine whole months after my owner had to give me up to enter assisted living. You also probably remember how stressed out I got being around other animals. I lost so much weight and suffered from what could only be described as stress-induced intestinal Chernobyl. But you never gave up on me.
And I'm so grateful for that because on Feb 15th this couple came in--to meet a different kitty! Lucky for all of us, he was being adopted by a different couple when my new parents arrived, and Matthew had a feeling that Britt would like me. They wanted a sweet kitty that was a few years old--and I'm six (with the spirit of a kitten!). But one of your staff went to bat for me and explained that my level of sweetness is downright cavity-inducing. When Britt came into my room, I got right up and sat in her lap. And did the same thing when they came back a few minutes later. I just curled up and purred and purred. Fortunately, Britt seems to be fluent in cat-speak and knew I was saying "Take me home, I'm yours!"
So they did. And within two weeks my system was right as rain. Apparently I "poop like a champ" now--whatever that means. And I got a new name: Jill E. Willow (pronounced Jillywillow). It's a strange name, but they're kind of a strange pair of parents. But they love me and I am settling in and relaxing more and more everyday, just knowing that they'll love me forever, no matter what.
So after practically wasting away to the size of a glorified dust bunny for months, I'm now relatively fat, very happy, somewhat demanding, and full of energy that I get to expend playing with my new family.
From the tops of my ears to the tip of my tail: thank you for caring for me until my happy ending walked in the door--and for doing the same for so many other animals in need.
Love - Jill E. Willow the Kitty xo

My cream puff

We adopted my sweet little cream puff last year in August. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and she brings joy into my home. She has so much energy and joy, the most friendly dog you will ever meet. She gets along well with my grandmothers dog very well and makes new friends everywhere she goes. She loves to cuddle and to be noticed, and she loves to give kisses A LOT! I really love her like no other she goes everywhere with me.

Stevie Wonder

We adopted our sweet dog Stevie several months ago and he has settled in SO well-- seamlessly joining our family with such ease! He and our other dog Pinot are truly best friends, they love playing together, sleeping side by side, hanging out with our chickens in the backyard, and make particularly great hiking buddies as well! Stevie is a snuggler of epic proportions and is an all-around great guy-- easy going and lovable. We are so pleased with the adoption, and now we can't picture life without Stevie in it!


Looking for a new family member

On December 19, I was very stressed at work.  I got off around 12:00 NOON and told my husband that I wanted to visit the East Bay SPCA to get some stress relief. When I got there, I said hi to the doggies and then proceeded to visit the kitties.  Before I left, I told my husband that I wanted to say "good bye" to the doggies. 

When I went into the kennel, I saw this cute dog that was just placed in with another dog named "Quill".  I knew immediately that I wanted to spend time with this dog.  After spending a short time with "Ivy", I knew I wanted to take her home and I did!

She's a little over two-years old. I never imagined that I would adopt an older dog, because I had two that I got when they were both puppies.  Well, let me tell you, it was the wisest decision I ever made to adopt an older dog.  She is so smart, fully potty-trained and so well behaved.  My husband and I are truly in love with this girl and we've since renamed her "MoChi". 

Everyday is a joy spending time with MoChi and I can't wait to come home from work to spend time with her and get some stress relief.  MoChi goes everywhere with us and she travels well.  MoChi gets very excited when she knows we're about to head out the door for a day of adventure.  We're planning a vacation and checking out some hotels that will take dogs.

Our whole family love the new addition named "MoChi".


Squid the kid!







 My husband and I adopted Squid (yes, we kept his adorable shelter name) in June 2013. I had been looking for a puppy to adopt and fell in love with Squid before I even met him! We went to the East Bay SPCA in Oakland, and I went straight to Squid's cage. The moment we got Squid into the playroom, we knew he was ours-- he was energetic, fun, and loved to play. We left with Squid the same day... less than an hour later! Squid has brought my husband and I so much joy and laughter. Everyone who meets Squid giggles at his name and immediately falls in love with him!

Squid is still a little kid at heart, but has matured and become a well trained companion. He lives in San Francisco in a townhouse complex with 5 other small dogs who share a backyard and lots of playtime. Squid enjoys long walks, snuggles, tennis balls, socks, and a good squeaker toy! Squid recently celebrated his 1st birthday at the end of December with a (doggy safe/dog bakery) cake, surrounded by family and his best doggy pal Charlie.

We never knew how Squid ended up at the East Bay SPCA, but now we know that he is one spoiled and well loved ChiWeenie! We are so happy that we found Squid and are thankful to the East Bay SPCA for taking him in. East Bay SPCA had great follow up care and vet services too that we utilized.

Thank you to East 

Bay SPCA from the bottom of our hearts,

Shelly & Alex Davidovich

Snow and Cookie

For the holidays, my daughter Megan (age 9) wanted to do something special for the animals at the Dublin SPCA. She sold her barbie house, cars and a tether ball set on Craigslist. She earned $160.00 dollars for her items and then turned around and purchased blankets and toys for the cats and dogs. When we went to donate the items, Megan, my son, Jake and I were greeted by the friendly staff whom were impressed by Megan's generosity. 

Upon leaving, we saw and heard a little noisy kitten named Raspberri. She was desperate to greet us, so we opted to give her some exercise and some TLC but then we couldn't leave her! We adopted her on the spot and took her home to our puppy, Snow. To our surprise, they got a long famously after just one hour and are now best friends. They are gal pals and share everything, including their treats, toys and cozy beds. 

So thank you SPCA Dublin for our sweet kitten Cookie. Now, our family is complete. 

Michelle of Dublin

Edgar's Story: Edgar the Energetic Heart

My finance' and I had been contemplating getting another cat for a while (we lost our George  few months prior unexpectedly and felt we were ready to move on), and I had been bugging him the past few days and showing him pictures of cats/kittens at various reuses/SPCA's and dragging him to the various pet stores.

I had been surfing the web and saw Edgar's photos at the East Bay SPCA website and immediately fell in love with his mischevious little face and knew he was the one. So, after work we rushed to the East Bay SPCA to see him, played with him, asked questions about his history, and decided he was the one, but it was too late in the evening to adopt..... and the next day was Thanksgiving.... we decided to take chances and hoped he was still there on Friday. (That meant that I had to make sure my honey was up very early on the day after Thanksgiving and his day off, and be at the East Bay SPCA when it opened.)

Come Friday, we were there right as the door opened, and we adopted Edgar. (He was named Edgar by the East Bay SPCA and we decided to keep that as his name and it really fits his personality.)

Edgar is a great little kitten (5 months old) full of energy, was easy to train to get use to the location of his litter box (working on teaching him to potty in the toilet), cuddles with you on the couch, plays with his toys, runs up and down our stairs, follows us around, and loves to play with our little dog Hondo, and is absolutely curious, and talkative. He has warmed our hearts and a great addition to our family.

The East Bay SPCA staff was great throughout the adoption process. They knew the animals that were up for adoption very well, very friendly, and the facility is amazing (my finance' couldn't stop talking about how the facility was after we left).

The Hawiian Prince That Fell Into Our Laps

In June 2013 we started looking for a lab that would join my boyfriend and I while we moved in together. We wanted a lab because we knew how loving and gentle they are and how they made wonderful best friends. We looked at East Bay SPCA's website and saw Broma (his shelter name), a year and a half lab/greyhound that had came from Kauai; unfortunately he was on hold for another family.

A week later my boyfriend took me to the East Bay SPCA to see if there were any new dogs that were avalible. While walking around we saw Broma again and he wasn't on hold! While we played with him he was very shy and didn't really want to play with us but wanted to play with the staff. We put him on hold because we liked him, but were on the fence about adopting him.

While at work, my boyfriend sent me a picture letting me know our new best friend had just entered our lives. I was so ecstatic. Broma, whose new name is Kona since being from Kauai, is the most polite and well-behaved dogs I have ever met. He loves chasing squirrels everywhere we go and he couldn't be more happy than sleeping in bed with mom or wrestling with dad. He was well potty trained when we got him and is the most gentle dog. He does not bark or whine and loves to cuddle and lay his head on everyone. He was timid with playing with other dogs at first but now he loves running around the dog park with all sorts of dogs that can keep up with his greyhound lightening fast speed. Since we adopted Kona we have adopted two cats for my mom and sister and I am now looking to adopt another brother or sister for Kona.

Thank you East Bay SPCA SPCA for this wonderful best friend!

The Healing Power of One Tiny Dog

When I adopted Fiona (nee Fanta) from the East Bay SPCA, I thought I was rescuing her. She was found on the streets of Oakland with no collar. Luckily, she didn't have to wait very long to find her forever home. I got her within two weeks of her arrival at East Bay SPCA's Dublin facility.  She adjusted to being treated like a princess almost immediately!  And she has kept her title ever since.

Fast forward two months after Fiona's adoption:  I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer.  Before I started chemotherapy, one of the nurses told me that she believes people with pets heal faster than those who don't.  I know first hand that this is true!  Fiona was with me through it all.  My constant companion and recovery buddy kept me going.  In a way, she rescued me, too!

Today, I can say that I am cancer-free!  After six rounds of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy, my treatment is finished.  I will likely have another two surgeries for reconstruction, and I expect that Fiona will continue to be where she belongs: in my lap, helping me to recover.  Our love is here to stay!

Harley Davidson

Almost two years ago my son and I were in the market for a cat; I wanted an adult cat. We knew we wanted a rescue because our previous was and we wanted to keep the tradition. When we visited the East Bay SPCA my son could not keep his eyes off this spunky little kitten! I hesitated but I couldn't break his heart. The following evening we came home with our little guy. We were thinking of a name for him while trying to keep him still. He'd just been neutered. This kitty purred so loud his ears vibrated!! We couldn't think of a better name. Harley Davidson it was!

Harley is now a little over a year and half. He has great checkups at the veterinarian. He is a love bug and enjoys playing and snuggling. We are in the process of finding him a companion! We can't wait to expand our family. :)

Thank you, Beth



Our Klausy-Mousey

dominicrupert:This fucking catHe requires three hands on deck (his chubbytubby tummy) at all times.My silly Goatee Man.

The kitty we adopted was called Patches back at the shelter, but his name now is Klaus. He's the sweetest kitty ever. He'll come jump up on the bed with us and curl up and give us kittykisses on the nose (and his tongue is almost twice as rough as any other cat's I've felt!). He'll beg for food, and scoops some away with his paw like it's a hand. He's a little chow hound.

I asked my grandmother maybe two weeks ago if I could get a kitten because I have horrible anxiety. She was never fond of cats, and I was shocked when she agreed ("ONLY a little one!" are they supposed to stay small forever, Grandma??). I have only had a couple of panic attacks since Klaus has been with me, as opposed to the several panic attacks per day I used to have. He has done so much for me, and my mom, and even my grandma really loves him! He doesn't just grow on you.. he clings onto your heart and makes you want to squeeze him!
 Klaus needs his belly rubbed.
His little belly is very chubby, and when you go to pick him up, he just hangs like dead weight, silly boy. And if he wants to lay down? He doesn't settle down on bent-knee like other graceful cats. He plats his feet and lets the rest of his body fall over. Flop!
I, and my family, are so, so lucky to have found our dear little Klaus. Thank you so much for giving us the best kitty we could have asked for.

~Elyse and Co. (And Klaus says, "SQUEAK!")





Mister B Puts the "Gentle" in "Gentleman"

Mister B (formerly known as Tangelo) puts the “gentle” in “gentleman.” We were looking for a mellow, friendly adult male cat to join our household of two humans and two female cats – a formerly feral mother-daughter duo. We struck the jackpot with Mister B!

It took this handsome orange boy about 37 seconds to adjust to his new home. We introduced him to his roommates slowly, and with the help of a few Feliway diffusers, everyone became comfortable with the new dynamics quickly and easily.

Mister B is the first one to greet guests at the door. His patented greeting moves are a jumping high bonk above your knee and a melodramatic flop at your feet to encourage chin scritches and bellyrubs. He’s never met a cardboard box he doesn’t like. He loves to sit in the kitchen window and smell the breeze and watch the hummingbirds. He spends his days lounging atop the fireplace mantel, one leg dangling casually, or curled up in his favorite chair. But don’t let his mellowness fool you—when he gets the zooms, he can race around like crazy with his roommates and catch some serious air playing with his cat wand. He is a delight every single day, and we feel so lucky to have him.

A note to all readers who may be considering an adult cat: DO IT. At six years old, Mister B was considered a “senior kitty.” He can be as frisky as a kitten but has the manners and appreciation for the finer things – naps, laps, and friends. Mister B was surrendered by his former owners, and it is obvious that someone loved him very much. And the good folks at the East Bay SPCA loved him, too. If you’re concerned that something must be wrong with a cat or dog that ends up at a shelter —don’t be. The East Bay SPCA cared for him enough to make sure that his transition to a new home was smooth. You will be rewarded with long-lasting love from someone who really appreciates it!!

My wonderful Eliza

From one to three!
I lost my wonderful cat, June, to cancer in late March. My other kitty, Olivia, was extremely sad and lonely afterwards and even though I had decided to wait until the summer to adopt a kitten, I began looking at the East Bay SPCA website sooner than that. I decided to go into the Oakland location to see if any kitties seemed right for me. That is where I found 10 month old Eliza (formerly Lila) in a big room filled with other cats available for adoption. She was chilling in a bed and it took me about 5 minutes to figure out that she was going to be my new kitty.

The first few days were rough- Olivia was not happy about Eliza. Olivia hissed and growled at Eliza and mellow Eliza totally ignored it all. Within a week, Olivia was head butting Eliza in the face to get licks. Eliza is a Big Fan of licking. She wakes me up most nights because apparently my face is too dirty and requires immediate cleaning! I try to be appreciative of her services.

Life with Olivia and Eliza was great! Eliza began playing with Olivia and snuggling with her. Things were stable and cozy. Then, one day this September as I was driving home, I saw a 3 week old kitten stumbling down the freeway. I rescued her and after a checkup from the vet, brought her home. Olivia was no pleased, but Eliza realized that she had found a new recipient for her licking! Calliope is now 9 weeks old and no matter how often she jumps onto Eliza's face and bites her, Eliza keeps her cool. She grabs Calliope in her arms to hold her down and lick her. They take turns chasing each other around the house while Olivia watches on with some disdain. Eliza is the most patient big sister that I've ever seen. She's got a wonderful personality and lots of energy. I am so happy that I went to the East Bay SPCA that day to look at kitties- I can't imagine my life without my sweet Eliza!

Hope's Lessons

I adopted my cat Hope (named “Chickadee” while at SPCA) in August 2012.  About 6 months after I adopted Hope, I started volunteering at the SPCA.  As a volunteer, I often wonder about the animals I’ve cared for and the families they are now a part of…so I thought the least I could do was provide an update on Hope/Chickadee.  What follows are a few of the lessons I’ve learned from her in the past year:  * Let your loved ones know you miss them…Hope meets me at the door with the same level of enthusiasm whether I’ve been to the laundry room or London – the ritual always includes dropping in the middle of the entry to roll on her back and ask for a belly rub.  * Groom yourself, and others, regularly…Hope is the first cat I’ve had who regularly grooms me.  She licks my nose with such a serious sense of purpose – it makes me laugh out loud every time she does it.  * Express yourself (wag your tail)Except in deepest sleep, Hope’s tail is in constant motion.   * Play with abandon and don’t worry about looking silly…Hope is fascinated by the movement of light and shadow (took me a week to figure out why she was staring at the walls); she has been known to do back flips three feet off the floor in pursuit of a toy; and when really absorbed in play can sometimes loose track of where she is and crash into the furniture.   * Toys don’t need to be expensive to be fun…Hope really makes the most of a brown paper bag – hiding inside, jumping on it, tearing it apart, crawling underneath and when all that is done she curls up and goes to sleep on whatever is left.  * Be patient and confident…Hope was at the SPCA for four months before I met her.  Despite her extended stay, Hope approached our meeting with absolute confidence – crawling into my lap and making herself at home.

Thanks to everyone who cared for Hope in the four months she was at the SPCA – her grace and good humor are a credit to the love and affection she received from you all.

Sweet Luna

We adopted our sweet pit bull Luna in September 2011. It had been a month since we lost our beloved 17-year-old dog to cancer, and we went to the Dublin shelter just to look. We didn’t bring Luna home with us that day, but we couldn’t stop thinking about her pretty brown eyes and how she sat quietly in her kennel looking so intently at us. Three days and many clicks on her online profile later, we brought her home for a trial adoption. We fell in love with Luna immediately, and when our cat learned to coexist peacefully with her a few days later, we knew we could provide her a forever home.  

Two years later, we couldn’t be happier with Luna, and we think she’s happy with us too. She loves hiking, going for romps at Point Isabel, taking weekend road trips, and snuggling up with us every night. She is a cherished member of our family and the best dog we could have ever asked for. Thanks, East Bay SPCA, for giving Luna (and us) a second chance at doggie love. 

– Gina & Gretchen, Oakland, CA

Bianca, the little Diva!
I adopted Bianca from the Dublin shelter February 2013 when I started living on my own. I remember when I came in the room, she meowed so loud, clamoring for my attention and jumped on my lap the second I sat down. She stole my heart right then and there. She is very vocal and talks more than me on a regular day. She loves drinking from cups and any other water container but her water bowl. But one thing that I love about her the most is the way she cuddles with me every night, she makes sure she is as close to me as possible whether on my neck, my arm, my tummy or my back even. I am so grateful for having a silly, pretty and super affectionate little companion named Bianca. All thanks to East Bay SPCA! :)


Rough Start, but best cat ever.

I adopted Effie (Effie Trinket) about a year ago. She's my first furry pet. It was a rough start. She had stomach problems and litter box issues as a result. After several trips to the vet, we got her diet regulated and the litter box issues stopped. She still requires separate litter boxes for peeing and pooping (don't ask), but i just consider that part of her quirky personality. In the past year, her personality has really blossomed. Every penny I spent at the vet was worth it just to come home to her greating me at the door everyday and have her climb into my bed every night. She's not a lap cat, but has to be by my side at all times. She lives to play and will even play fetch with her favorite feather on a stick toy. She's extremely smart and just a funny cat. I just wanted to say for all those potential adopters who have a rough start, please hang in there. Adopting Effie was the best thing I ever did. 


Our Pup Popeye

Our new puppy Popeye is settling in fabulously. His first few days with us were filled with family time, and lots of adventures because we had family in town. From Fourth of July fireworks and trips on the ferry to San Francisco, to walking around the Marin Headlands and Sausalito, he has been great! He has met tons of people along the way, and has been great with all of them! He even let three young girls feed him out of their hand without a problem.


As he adjusted this week into our work schedule, he hasn't had any issues! He waits to use the bathroom until we get home, and hasnt had any accidents. He has had very few handling issues, and loves to be held when he gets tired of walking or is around a large amount of people. Every time we get in the car, he curls into a little ball and falls asleep in my arms. I can't tell you how happy he has made us! We love him!

-Sophie Koperweis



Thank you for our Rarity!

We adopted Rarity (you knew her as Ladybug) on 7/27/13 from Dublin. She was 2yo at the time and I almost overlooked her because of that fact. As I picked her up, she went limp in my arms, looked at me, licked my arm and looked into my soul. Winning me over, she earned her forever homeShe enjoys chasing a laser dot all over the apartment, playing with string, kicking her Kong kick toy, photoshoots and being gently massaged with a rubber shedding brush. I've never met a cat as docile and sweet as Rarity. She will walk up to you, go limp and flop on the floor. She fully exposes her belly to us, which I understand to be a sign of trust. We've given her a Facebook page and she already has 21 friends! Thank you so much for introducing us to our Rarity. Please do NOT overlook adopting an adult cat! They still have SO MUCH love to give!

Best wishes,

James, Aryn and Rarity

Adopted 2001

We adopted Fuzzy, previously known as Milo, in 2001 when he was 8 months old.  From the start, Fuzzy had his own personality and when we laid our eyes on him, we had to adopt him.

Fuzzy is now 13 years old; he is on three heart medications, which he eats with messed bananas. And he goes crazy when someone eats watermelon. He is highly intelligent and knows how to stay out of trouble most of the time. He is his mommy's boy and because of his age, he knows to bark when he needs to get down from the bed or chair. The secrets to a long and happy life are regular vet visits, being mindful of any unusual behavior, and no human food.  Exercise and regular walks are important, too!

Thank you for bringing Fuzzy to our lives!

Adopted in 1994! Still going strong!

My wife and I adopted a 3 year old cat from your facility of Oakland in 1994. We named her Cinnamon, and I believe she had a different name at the time of adoption. I remember that when I took her into the bonding room, she licked my nose and I was sold on the adoption.

I just wanted to inform you that she is still alive and well at the age of 22 years old. We definitely got our money's worth when making a contribution to the East Bay SPCA. Before you ever adopt a pet, they've fed them, groomed them, checked their health, and most important of all, shown them TLC................ We have enjoyed our cat for 19 years, and she's still going strong!

Attached is a most recent photo of our cat "Cinnamon" while taking a nap. Enjoy!


Little Miss Mia

About a year ago I lost my cat to cancer.  Finally, after I had begun to recover from the loss, I realized how quiet and lonely my home was without her.  I needed another soul in my home. 

One evening after a few months of searching, I saw a Siamese kitten on Petfinder.com.  She was soooooooooo cute but the Eastbay SPCA in Dublin was closed.  The next morning I woke up late and was upset with myself in fear of someone else adopting her before I was able to get to the SPCA.  So I rushed over, marched up to the front desk and showed them the picture on her on my IPad and asked if she was still available.  The staff told me that they thought that she was still available and immediately took me to her room. 

The moment I went into the room, it was love at first sight.  She had no hesitation, and crawled all over me, claiming me as hers.  That was a little over a year ago.  Mia is an outgoing, attitude-plus cat. She loves traveling in the car with me and goes for walks on her leash; she helps me pick out her toys at the pet store. Mia lets everyone know that she is boss.  Take a look at her picture and tell me if the girl has got attitude.

Miss Anna... Little Miss Happy Feet!

We adopted Anna(lise) a few months ago from East Bay SPCA. She was not the cat we originally went to see, but we decided to look in some other rooms and we saw this lovely lady chillin' in the window, brave and eager to come say hello. The first few days she hid under the bed... slowly she creeped out. And now.. we are just obstacles in her daily escapades through the apartment. She is pretty quirky and we absolutley love it! She was nickname-less until I captured this photo of her on her hind legs. Mostly you would think Meercat when cats do this, but for Anna, she definetely resembles a penguin!!! We love Little miss Happy Feet! In addition, she also meows when she hears me coming to the front door, and will do a turn around for treats... perhaps she is a little dog too :) Thank you for giving us Anna! 

The Tail of two cats

When we adopted Shadow form Dublin SPCA in January, she fit right into our 3 person
family (all adults). She was shy at first but we kept her in her own room for a
few weeks and then we introduced her to the rest of the house room by room. She
became very curious of our very large home. She runs up and down the stairs carrying her toys to each
floor making sure you know she wants to play. She meowed a lot and was very
clingy, so we decided she needs a brother. In April we went back to the SPCA
Dublin and picked up Phineas who is now named Tiger; when we brought him home he was
running all over the house the first day every time he went up to say hi to
shadow, she would hiss at him.

After about 10 days he and Shadow became good friends and now he can’t stand to
be away from her. They hang out in the upstairs bathroom window at night
looking outside and in the morning we find them on one of our beds sleeping or
meowing in your face it’s time to get up. They have brought life to our home.
Now I can’t wait to get home from work each day to see them. As soon as I walk
in the door Tiger is waiting for me, to get his hug and kiss and 10minute scratch
behind his ears. We are really happy with both of these guys. The look a lot like
Puss and Boots and Kitty Soft Paws.   

Snug as bugs!


Deputy of the Neighborhood: Indy

Indy the CatI love animals and want to take all of them home and give them as much love as I can muster. Sadly, there is no physical way for me to live my dream of saving all living things. So, I like to visit the shelters as much as I can and give the animals that haven't found a home some company while they wait.  

A couple years ago I was yearning to rescue another animal. My dad is not keen on acquiring what he endearingly calls "poop machines." We have an alaskan malamute rescue who is a joy and another cat (whom belonged to my grandma) that I speculate is ancient and will live forever. I was visiting the shelter one day and saw a fairly large grey and white kitten. I forget what his name was at the time, but I knew what I had to do. I went to my mom, showed her multiple pictures, and dragged her to Dublin. It wasn't hard to convince her to adopt this kitty, he was gorgeous and sweet. 

Long story short, Indy is now 2 and a half years old, living with our alaskan malamute and golden retriever who play with him all day.

Not only that, but Indy has taken to learning the ways of the world from our ancient cat.  We call the ancient one the Sheriff, and Indy the Deputy.  He and my retriever have taken over my bed and I couldn't love him more. 

Chloe Becomes a Good Citizen

ChloeLast July I adopted Miley, a beautiful senior mini red and merle aussie at the Oakland site, and we renamed her Chloe. She had been through some hard times in shelters and it took her awhile to really believe she had a back yard and the Martinez Shoreline Regional Park. I also discovered that Chloe was hard of hearing.  Every time my son and daughter came for a visit they would comment on how much she had changed.  She was always a good walker.  I had retired as a teacher and was amazed at the library dogs I had seen.  I really wanted to see if we both could learn something new together.  After a 6 weeks course with a wonderful coach Joy at the Matinez Petco we took our test and she passed with flying colors. We both were so excited. After the challenges were over. Chloe and I sat outside. She gave my the look and did her sit down speak for treats. She got a yummy reward!  We are now ready for the next adventure. Thanks for rescuing this last chance girl.

--Linda Valenziano

Second Chance Club - Miss Scarlett

After my first cat passed away as a child, my family fell in love with a cat that we saw in the Sacramento SPCA.  She was in the infirmary, was listed as needing a single-cat home, and was gravely ill.  We naturally brought her home with us where she lived out four great years when we were told we'd be lucky to have one year with her.  Since then my mom and dad have continued to adopt older cats that have lived in the shelter for over 1 year, were returned to the shelter, had been diagnosed with illnesses that make them difficult to adopt, or all of the above.  Every older cat they have adopted has been absolutely loving and great.  Bella, the most recent adoption, even uses my dad's beard for a brush when she can.

My boyfriend and I had been living in the East Bay for about 1 year when we thought about adopting an older cat.  Given our busy lifestyles we had a very specific personality in mind for our future cat: independent (if we are gone for most of the day she has more than enough fun on her own), outgoing (if we have friends over she counts herself in for every card game), well-mannered (if we walk away from a plate of chicken she won't steal a piece), and cuddly.  At the East Bay SPCA in Oakland we came across this beautiful 6 yo orange tabby with a too-short tail named Birdie, who after 1 month was named Miss Scarlett with her sassy attitude and raspy meow.  She fit into our lives perfectly and has become our baby before babies.

The Second Chance Club was just a plus to the perfect kitty, and we wish that every shelter adopted a similar program.  A lot of well-mannered older cats spend too long in the shelters and are overlooked especially when kittens are available.  The lowered adoption price, discounted food distributors, and discounted groomers could possibly entice future owners to adopt mature cats that have already grown into their personalities and match very deserving cats to loving families in the process.

Dodger the biggest Giants fan!

Dodger has been the BEST addition to our family. He is a Dachshund /Corgi mix. He is very, very, very well trained. He loves belly rubs, car rides, and greeting us profusely when we come home.  In fact, the only thing wrong with Dodger is his name, as we are huge SF Giants fans. It has been a great source of amusement to our family and friends that we have a Dodger dog.  (I would have named him Limo, for limousine, so that is his middle name.)

Dodger now sports his Giants jersey or bandana often. Dodger gets along with our cat Ginger, who we got 8 years ago from Furry Friends Rescue.


The East Bay SPCA in Dublin is such a beautiful facility.  We appreciate the good care Dodger got during the short time he was there, and am glad you made the adoption process easy and informative. Special thanks to the family who had Dodger before, as they trained him to be a loving pet.


Thank you so much for all the East Bay SPCA does for animals.


Love, the Drabin family of Fremont


Pepper, the Black Maine Coon Cat

Pepper relaxing in his favorite spot!I thought you guys would like to hear about and see some photos of Gaston....whose name I've since changed to Pepper, (you know, since he's completely black and all).....and his funny escapades with water. You may know this already, but Maine Coons seem to not only be fascinated by water, but they usually don't mind getting a little wet. Well, Pepper has proven himself to be a true M.C.!

Pepper enjoys swatting at streams of water, which he did over and over again, but he then became fascinated with the water disappearing down that hole. Except, as he stuck his head down further to try and see where it was going, he interrupted the flow at different times with his head and ears. But that confused him even more, since he was deflecting it, that darn stuff wasn't going straight down into that hole anymore!!! That is, except, when he pulled his head back to see why. (Like I said, I was laughing so hard I could hardly take pictures of it.) But, it wasn't the getting wet part that bothered him, because when he'd had enough, he simply got down and licked himself dry, leaving his bewilderments to another day and time. LOL
I also wanted to say how impressed I was with your facilities and people. It's really obvious that you all care very much about the cats that you rescue and put up for adoption, which is not only evident by the way they're housed, etc., but also by your qualification procedures, as well as the after adoption literature and care you provide. Thanks so much for doing such a great job!

Best Regards,
Scott Lockwood


Happy ending

Annie the BoxerMy wife and I have been without a dog for several months and she has been extremely sad as we have never been without one ( boxer). When she visited East Bay SPCA's Dublin Adoption Center and looked at Annie, her heart melted when Annie looked back at her with her soulful eyes. She imediatley came home and got me to go see her. We are so happy to have her and to give her a good home for her remaining years; hopefully many as she is a senior dog! Thank you for finding her for us.

Jan and Rich Atkins

Natalie aka Nati
adopted dog, oaklandWe are so happy to have found Natalie (who we are calling Nati). She is doing really well!  She's been sleeping through the night in her crate in the bedroom without making a peep.  She's also been so sweet and loving and well behaved. With the help of some yummy liver treats, she's already improved on the leash a lot and is great with the other dogs in our neighborhood and in the dogpark, where she is very popular.;)  Nati is such a great addition to our family!!  Thank you for taking such good care of her while she was with you.  Here is a picture of her taking a rest after playing with our neighbor's Corgi.


From Minus to big plus!!!

fat cat, cat adoption, cat pillowWe first saw her funny face online and decided to come in and meet her...it was love at first sight. Her shelter name was Minus, due to her lack of a tail, but we thought Junebug was a better fit for her personality. She has been a total sweetie since her first hour in our home...after an afternoon spent mostly under a couch, she ventured out to explore the rest of our place, and has been coming out of her shell ever since. We were surprised to find her curled up between our  bed pillows in the middle of her first night! Things she doesn't like: the printer, the paper shredder, people being in a different room. Things she REALLY likes: having a person in sight, watching the toliet flush, playing with water from the faucet, and laser toys. All cats are good...but this one is extra-special.

A big thank you to the East Bay SPCA!

Our dog Leo

dog, adoption, East Bay, pit bull, OaklandWe adopted Leo from your facility in Oakland, on Baldwin st, a little over a year ago. He is the most amazing dog! He is thriving here with us. He loves the dog park and gets along well with every dog there, and is so gentle with our 11 year old rat terrier when they play.

We fight about who loves him the most. This photo was taken while he was playing  in the snow with our 17 year old daughter.  We think more people should consider adoption pits and pit mixes!


The Hitchler family 

Coco gets two brothers

cats together,

Hi wonderful animal people,

Here is an update on Coco...she has fit into our family as if she has been here forever ! No slow integration was needed, she took over my two boys, Beaux and Salem and is now the princess of the house.  Beaux ( my 1 year old Tuxedo ) follows her around like a love-sick teenager , and she loves it.  They play constantly , usually starts at 5:00 a.m. which is not so good for me !! 

Salem ( my 14 year old, 15 pound  Mainecoon )  watches like a proud papa, and occasionally will bat her around a bit to shows who's the boss, then wrap is big paws around her and give her a bath.

She has taken over Beaux's bed, which he wasn't so happy about at first, but now sleeps next to her. Today they get new toys ( feathers being her favorite ) and some cat condo's for play time..I think they will all love that !

Here is a recent pic taken this morning ..her favorite place is the upstairs window to 'bird view' and sleep in the sun , and one with Beaux.

Bernette or now Bijou

I came to the EBSPCA, lonely, afraid, and feeling lost;  I had recently had kittens and was definitely confused at their disappearance.  I languished in a cage for about 2 mos.  then I was adopted by a couple of humans who thought that Bijou or jewel fitted me better.  Humans are nothing new; I already knew the "rules of the road"; no clawing furniture, no climbing on counters, no peeing in corners, and the word "No"!  I was lucky.  My humans had a cat friendly house - toys galore, lots of windows with cat perches, and a spacious garden to explore. I particularly love my laser and playing fetch with my red fish. I am young (2 yrs) and fortunately adaptable (sort of).  Barely 2 mos. after my adoption, it was off on a road trip to the Mohave Desert.  No pet sitter for me.  I was bundled into a motor home;  I even had my own luggage.  The road trip down and back was a bit hair raising - scarey, noisey, and bright headlites.  Ugh!  but once there, fun and treats galore;  ever taste carne asada or salmon fresh off the grill?? Needless to say, I was the hit of the show.  Everyone came to meet me, even the guys; the guys were a pushover, but the women were a bit harder sell.  Everyone praised my beauty; I was compared favorably with the purebred Begals.  I did my best to please - showing off my pirouettes, jumps, and right hook.  My humans loved that I traveled soooo well.  No hysterics or trank's required.  I also provided entertainment during the early morning and late evening hours.  As for the fireworks in the early evenings, and my human's friend's dog "Shelby, the less said the better.   We are back home, and I have no desire to leave; even tho I have an open cat door, I rarely wander outside and then only as far as the porch because I am truly a "people cat" pampered and petted.