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The animals in our care are varied in color, shape, size and background. Each of their stories is just as unique. What they have in common is a chance to find happiness, and security of a loving home. We couldn't be more grateful to you for adopting your dog or cat from us. We invite you to share your East Bay SPCA dog or cat's happy ending with our online community.

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Tracy and her "forever" home


Tracy (the former Noodle):

June 6, 2015 was a memorable day for me as that is the day I spotted by my new family as they came to meet me at the East Bay SPCA - Oakland Adoption Center.  It was love at first sight!  Because I was recovering from the surgeries received by the fine doctors at the East Bay SPCA - Oakland Adoption Center, I was not able to leave with my new family that day.  I had to wait until June 10.  Although it was sad to leave my animals and human friends at the East Bay SPCA - Oakland Adoption Center, I was thrilled to be going to my “forever” home with my new owner and where I now have an older dog “brother”, Chad and cat “brother”, Charlie, both of whom are rescued animals.  We all get along great.  We have fun lounging in the beautiful backyard where there are lots of trees that provide shade or on the nice, soft furniture (dog and people) in the house and going for long walks in the park-like neighborhoods near our home.  I have graduated from level 1 dog obedience training  and know how to “come”, “sit”, “stay”, “down” and “walk” on command.   The training works well because I am a volunteer therapy dog with my dog “brother” at a facility where my owner’s mother lives. We have fun when we go there as everyone loves us and we love them.  We visit 4 times a week and create quite a sensation when we do.

Oh, yeah, my new name is Tracy (it was “Noodle” before) as my owner likes to name her animals after old radio or movie characters.  Tracy comes from Spencer Tracy, her favorite actor.  I like the name because it is
unique and simple. 

For all of my animal pals at the East Bay SPCA - Oakland Adoption Center, your forever owner is coming for you soon too!  You will be as happy as I am! 

Thank you for the excellent, compassionate care I received from all the wonderful people at the East Bay SPCA - Oakland Adoption Center!
Thank you for giving me another chance and for putting me back together!

Hugs & Hello's from Bernie


Since our family has adopted Bernie July 5th, I must say that he is a perfect addition to our family. Road trips between our home in Concord and Campbell, he has acclimated very well and runs around the house with toys that squeak. Dog parks and being around various dogs are his best activity ... He's a social butterfly ...

Happy story to share: Adoption

I wanted to share the progress of my adoption. About a month ago I adopted Franklin a 5 yr old miniature poodle from the East Bay SPCA - Oakland Adoption Center.

We had a few rough weeks getting him to transition, get on a new schedule, try new foods and know that he was safe and loved but after a few weeks his personality blossomed!

Here are a few images of Franklin now Marley. He is such a sweet boy and everyone is now obsessed with him. When I come in the door or call on the phone my family and friends ask "where's Marley?!"

Thank you East Bay SPCA for the work that you do!

Myisha Procter


I adopted 13-month old Jazz June 25, 2015 and she's settled in nicely at our home. Very playful in the morning and evening. But she still likes to be on my lap for some petting and love. She is a bit of a deva though and only likes to eat when her bowl is placed near the kitchen table...😺. She's already won me over! Your staff was very helpful and friendly in helping me find a cat.....and Jazz is perfect!

From Batman to Baby...


I'd like to share my story of a successful adoption, also during the month of June... in 2013. I also adopted a super hero cat who was named Batman (at the East Bay SPCA) at the time. He had been there for 4 months and was 5 1/2 years old. His owner had given him up. I am so lucky my kitty and I found each other! I can't imagine my life without Baby...his new name, as he is my little love bug and ever so playful friend at a little more than 7 years old now. He still behaves as if he were still a kitten, hence the name Baby...it just stuck!! He is my sweet little pride and joy and again, I cannot express how grateful that I found him at the East Bay SPCA 3 years ago.

Denise Abney


Chelsea and I couldn't be happier together. She's a crazy, bouncy, joyful, scrappy, happy girl and I'm 100% in love with her.
Thank you, East Bay SPCA, for taking care of her until I came along.   :-)



Gracie (formerly Thumper) is already beloved. She joined our family at 4 1/2 months, and easily settled in to her new home. 

Gracie is a lovebug who enjoys being held and cuddled, explores nooks and crannies with zest, and has achieved a solid firendship with her neighbor cat. She curiously welcomes new toys and warms up to new humans in short time.

Following precious companionship with two prior East Bay SPCA dogs, Gracie is my very first cat encounter. She has won me over to appreciation of cat qualities and friendship.

Welcome Gracie.


Rugby is very happy and continues to be my trainer. We run 4x a week and he walks with my husband on my off days. He no longer barks at people on their bicycles, and walks by other dogs without barking...as long as I have a treat ready (: however, he hates rollerbladers with a passion. 😂

He is spoiled and happy💜

From Rugby's forever home,

The Stilwell's


Rafael aka Chipper formerly Catfish

After losing our 17 1/2 year old tabby, we needed a companion for our 10 year old Mau mix.  On April Fool's Day I saw "Catfish", an adorable 1 year old, posted on the East Bay SPCA website and we went straight from BART after work and brought him home.  He first got a name change to Chipper because we'd never had a cat with a microchip before, and it's still his nickname, but officially he is Rafael, the guardian angel with his new buddy Gabriel.  They took to each other within a week and play together more than any cats we've ever had.  My husband put up cat shelves on our living room wall (catification, yes we're really cat people) and they run around on them, sleep on them, spy on us from above.  He's added to the laughter in the house and definitely took possession of our hearts in record time (though Gabriel is still the alpha owner in the house).


My wife, Stacey, has long wanted to have a dog.  For various reasons we were unable to adopt one until recently, when I surprised her with a dog adoption for her birthday.  Growing up, my family had three guidelines for dogs: Female, mutts, and spayed.

We went to the East Bay SPCA early on a Wednesday morning and the very first dog we saw was perfect.  She was tiny, wiggly, and friendly and Stacey fell in love with her almost instantly.  We took the puppy home that day and named her Shadow.

This decision - to get my wife a dog - is possibly one of the best I've made in my life.  Watching them interact is one of the great joys in my life.  Shadow has quickly became a member of our family and loves playing with Chloe, our maine coon (though our other cat, Clementine, remains wary).  

Shadow loves people, peanut butter, and chasing squeaky toys.

-Brandon Harris

A Happy New Beginning for Pinto (formerly known as Doug Funny)

My husband finally agreed to let me have a dog. I had a specific personality type in mind, so that morning we set off for the East Bay SPCA Dublin Adoption Center hoping for the perfect little 4 legged companion would be there waiting for us. When we got there, we saw this little guy called Doug Funny looking sad and shy in his kennel.

After meeting him, we felt like he'd be the perfect addition to our family. The shelter warned us he was shy and that it'd take time for him to come out of his shell. We renamed him Pinto and when we got him home, within 15 minutes, he was running around our garden, rolling on his back wanting tummy rubs and generally be a happy, waggy tail little guy.

We've had him nearly a month now and each day we see what a loving, sweet, confident-yet-quiet little guy Pinto really is. He's super quiet and impeccably house trained. And if that wasn't perfect enough, he absolutely loves playing fetch and with other dogs, so much so, that when we take him to the dog parks, he's the life of the party, zooming around and playing with any dog that he can.

We're so incredibly grateful to have found him - he really is the most perfectly well-behaved & friendly little guy. He's brought so much additional love into our lives and brought our home to life.

Thank you,


River and Doctor

Sometime in October I took my boyfriend's kids to pick out a cat. His family had never had cats before, and our space wouldn't accomadate a dog. I fell in love with many adults cats, but I made the mistake of bringing kids so a kitten it was! I also have impulse control issues and one cat became two kittens. Fluffington and Maryanne were there names originally. I changed them to River and Doctor. They are currently very happy and active, though Doctor is a bit of a butthead sometimes. River is very cuddly and loving. Doctor plays fetch and River like toys. They both love boxes. I'm so happy I decided to go the East Bay SPCA -Dublin Adoption Center.

Lucy aka Lucy Goosey

We adopted Lucy(Zowey) from the East Bay SPCA Dublin Adoption Center in August of 2014. The transition from shelter kitten to house kitten was almost instant. Lucy has slept with us since day one and wasted no time exploring her new domain. She enjoys playing fetch, shredding paper, taking naps and acting a fool. Lucy is my first cat and I'm so grateful she chose me.  


Thanks East Bay SPCA,

Lorraine & Jeff 

Kingston the Cat

I adopted Kingston aka "Jessup" last year after Christmas 2014.  The adoption was an xmas gift from my boyfriend.  At first, Kingston didn't warm up to me during our first interaction.  He hopped on my boyfriends lap and showed no interest in me. Because of that, I kept looking at other cats to adopt.  But for some reason, my boyfriend said that Kingston was the one for me.  I was a little skeptical at first, but I'm so happy I adopted him.  Now he's my little shadow and I'm so in love with him. He greets me when I come home, he sits on my lap when I watch TV, sleeps at the edge of my bed at night and he's the best cuddler ever!  He's very social, well mannered, loyal and just chill all around.  All my family and friends love hanging out with him and they all admire his handsome looks.  I'm very lucky to have him and I'm happy he's a part of the family now. Kingston was the best Christmas gift ever!


Linda Gordon adopted Saroyah in 2013 from the East Bay SPCA in Oakland. Saroyah was a Second Chance kitty. At the time, Lindas husband was dying and she was seeking a feline companion who would be acceptable to her not-fond-of-cats husband. She chose Saroyah because she was about 3 or 4 years old and deemed kind of couch potato. Lindas friend, Kathleen Krentz paid the discounted adoption fee as a gift for Linda during a difficult time.

Despite concerns that her husband would be disturbed by a lively cat, in his last months he was instead charmed by her. Once she found her forever home, this kitty re-discovered life and was soon re-named Zoomba.”  After he died, Zoomba was indeed a loving companion and Linda and Zoomba are so bonded—its really one of those only at the East Bay SPCAstories.

Lindas friend, Kathleen, shared this story as a small way of saying thank you, and to share one reason why
the East Bay SPCA is close to her heart.

Aiko now known as Thor adopted 2/4/15


I feel overwhelmed with joy because Thor is taking his new home so well. I found him on the internet and fell in love not knowing when I went to check him out at the East Bay SPCA - Oakland he had also chosen me too. They said he was very shy and reserved and wouldn't really come out to play when people would come to check out the cats, but when I sat in the room he woke up from is slumber to greet me. I guess he never really did that with strangers. Lucky for us we found each other. I currently have another cat, which is why I was looking for another bacause I felt Thunder (my black cat) needed a companion. Introductions have been going well a little hissing and jealousy but nothing harmful. I think they will be best friends in no time. 


Stanford the Cat
In July of 2003, when it became clear that our new cat Berkeley was lonely after my wife began working full time, we went to the East Bay SPCA to find him a friend.  Immediately we found this black and white at your facility named "Checkers." His tail was missing, he had scars all across his nose, chunks were missing from his ears, and the pads of his paws were horribly cracked. Within two hours of meeting, we took him home.

We renamed him "Stanford" because it's always adorable (and never cloying) to have cats with matching names.  He took to my wife and his new feline companion immediately. With me it was a much slower process; it was a year before he would be alone in a room with me and over two years before I could hold him. But we made progress and he learned to relax and be secure in the fact that his new home was safe.  He grew into an outgoing cat who greeted every visitor with head butts and a purr akin to a lawnmower. He nurtured a voracious appetite that saw him grow from a malnourished 7 lbs to 15 at his peak.

He was with us through 4 moves around the Bay Area, always content as long as he had a hand to scratch his muzzle and a sun beam to lay in.  He was as perfect pet as anyone could have.

Last October, after 12 years together, his companion Berkeley passed away after a brief illness. Stanford continued on, but his demeanor was never the same. Two weeks ago he suddenly collapsed and was rushed to the vet but they were unable to prevent the inevitable.  He left our family lying peacefully as my wife stroked his ears and told him what a good cat he was.

I'm writing this post to thank your organization for saving Stanford those many years ago. He enriched our lives in ways I think we still don't completely comprehend and, in turn, we gave him a life free of stress and discomfort.  As a volunteer at the SPCA in San Francisco, I know those of us who rescue these animals often see them at their lowest and most sad. They leave the premises for their forever homes and we don't get to share in the daily joy that comes from seeing that rescued animal grow and blossom. It's an unfortunate part of the job that all the love and hard-work often does not pay-off in ways we can fully appreciate.

I have no idea if anybody there remembers "Checkers" or was even there in 2003, but on behalf of all the animals you've saved before and since then, I hope you can take some pleasure in his story and know that it is indicative of the good work you do every day.

Thank you for our friend.

Princess Petunia and Special Precious

I wanted to write to give you an update about the 2 cats my family adopted on
April 13, 2014. Their shelter names were paddywhack (the tabby) and the white
one was "cool whip."

Their names are now Princess Petunia and Special Precious, respectively.

They are both really sweet and funny cats. We call special precious DQ for
drama queen because she is quite the little dramatic princess. We cannot
imagine how she ever survived 1 minute homeless!

Princess petunia is very mellow and affectionate; I am so glad she waited
patiently to be adopted. Definitely everyone else's loss and my great gain.

Thank you so so very much for all you do!!!!

Jennifer Saxer

Luna :)

I adopted Luna, our tripawd German Shepherd from The East Bay
SPCA-Dublin on December 12th, 2014. When my husband and I first saw her three
weeks prior, she was unavailable due to needing a dental surgery and to be
spayed. We were told we could call back and check the status any time. For
TWENTY TWO days one of us called daily until she was finally available. From
the first time we saw her, we knew she would be the perfect fit for our family.
Sorry to all the front office gals who had to put up with our calls every day!
Once Luna was available, they told us she was first come first serve..so guess
who stood outside 2 hours before they opened?

Well, the persistence paid off. That day, I walked out with Luna
and our family hasn't been the same since. Luna is absolutely amazing to say
the least. Her first stop was Petco, were she was EXTREMELY spoiled with
treats, toys, and attention. Luna has adapted to our home very well. She hasn't
gone potty in the house a single time (we've had her three weeks now) and she
is so well behaved. When she is feeling playful, she likes to take all of her
toys out of her basket and throw them around the living room! Her favorite
three things are: her zebra blanket she sleeps with on her bed every night, her
huge lobster stuffed animal, and above all...my husband! She is definitely his
shadow. When he gets home from work, she turns into a puddle of mush.

Every morning around 5am, Luna and I take a 30 min walk, and when my husband
gets home in the evening, she gets another 30min walk before she settles in for
the night. This weekend will be her first time coming out with us on a hike!
Luna adapted very well with her three legs. She can outrun me any day!

Thank you East Bay SPCA for giving us such a sweetheart. Luna says
hello and hopes her other friends find homes soon too!


Much love from our family,

Kimber and Andrew Hutchings

Nothing but fun!

We adopted Banana (Aileen) 2 years ago. She was the so frightened when we first met. Nonetheless, your staff/volunteer was diligent about getting her to come out and meet us even after I had long given up. She was delightful once we got outside. She's slowly but surely gained confidence and has proven to be the perfect addition to our pack. We travel with our two dogs all the time and she's always up for an adventure! We're sending a huge thank you to your staff for seeing the potential in this little love!  

Best, Michelle and Sara

Spirit is Spirited!!



We adopted Spirit at the East Bay SPCA -Dublin office in June 2014. He was orphaned when his human mom passed away. We don't know anything about his life before us, and he is set in his ways. He's been training us daily on how to deal with him. He is very friendly and funny and has a bark that turns heads. Its more like a "honk". Spirit is happy but he sometimes seems so sad.. and he is very clingy. We traveled to Indiana for 3 months this summer and Spirit went along. He was happy and got along well with the other dogs. He's a sweetheart and we love him! I wish I knew more about him though! His former family members are certainly welcome to let me know anything about him. Spirit somehow made me feel a connection with his former owner in some way.. I want to understand it more. He's definitely a woman's dog... but he does love his human daddy very much too! He loves everyone! Babies make him nervous but I never leave my dogs unattended with any child! I'm sorry I got him under the circumstances that I did, but I'm glad that he came to me. I will always keep him and love him enough for me and his past family too! I hope his former "mom" knows he is safe and loved! 

Maximus the Great

My husband and I recently adopted a brindle Pit mix from the East Bay SPCA - Dublin adoption center. As we walked through the shelter, it became increasingly hard to choose between one cute puppy and another! We pressed on, making sure we saw everyone, and then we ran into "Ritz." As his shelter-mates barked and jumped, he just sauntered over and shyly sniffed at us. Since we already have a 6-year-old lab/hound mix, we knew our new pup needed to be a bit calm (well, as calm as a puppy can be!) so we asked to see Ritz in a private room. First, he spent the time trying to sit in our laps and lick us and then moved on to fetching the tennis ball and sliding into the walls. We knew this docile pup had to be ours! 

Now that Maximus (his new moniker) has been home for a few weeks, he is definitely comfortable. He is loving and cuddly, knows where to use the bathroom, and loves sleeping through the night in his crate. He loves playing with his older brother, Abraham, and is a star student in his puppy training class. We are so thankful to the people of East Bay SPCA for having such a love for animals and for making Max's month at the shelter a smooth one. Here is a shot of the beautiful boy with his older brother! 

If at first you don't succeed...

We lost our precious BB in February, 2014.  No one took the loss harder than Desi, our 10 year old ocicat.  BB had been his buddy, partner-in-crime, bunk-mate, etc. ever since Desi was a kitten.  After some time, we decided to find a new friend for Desi and restore the family to 4.  We brought home a 1 year old female who I promptly fell in love with, but who terrorized Desi.  Territorial with tons of energy, she drove Desi out of all of “his” places.  Within 6 weeks, he had lost 3 pounds and his voice… he’d stopped purring and when he’d meow, no noise would come out.  We sadly returned the little girl to her foster, and worked on stabilizing Desi.  We still felt that a second cat is a good idea, so after Desi returned to his feisty self, we went in search of an adult male.  A calm, gentle soul… a mirror of our Desi, rather than a contrast.

I visited the  East Bay SPCA to meet one particular cat (let’s say “Z”), and he seemed a good fit.  So I brought Steve back to meet Z the next day.  As I was sitting on the floor watching Steve get acquainted with Z, this other cat… an unassuming charmer… promptly claimed my lap… burrowing himself as far as he could go into my chest… looking up with one of those adoring stares that only our furry friends can deliver.  I asked the East Bay SPCA staff member “who’s this guy?”  She said “that’s Amadeus.”  “Was he here yesterday?  Why didn’t I notice him?”  She responded “yes, he was here… he’s been here for 6 months.”  My heart broke.  WHY?!  Why had this special boy been here for so long?  The answer was simply “he’s a black cat.”  It’s true.  Black cats have it rough in the world of adoption; they have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate.  Add to that, Amadeus had a skin allergy and he would itch himself raw in places.  The backs of his ears had almost no fur on them.  And he was lonely… his friend/partner who he had been surrendered with had been adopted out months ago.  Poor gentle soul.

We had planned to adopt after going on vacation that week, but instead we cancelled our vacation and went back the next day.  To bring Amadeus home.  All the while I was praying Desi would accept him.  I couldn’t take another failure.  Returning a pet to foster or a shelter… it’s just not something I ever thought I would do and when we had to do it with the 1 year old… I was just sick over it.  But we really thought we’d learned our lesson.  Find a cat that is SIMILAR in age/temperament.  Fingers crossed!  We renamed our new family member Jack.  We put him on a prescription kibble for sensitive skin.  He stopped scratching himself to bits… the fur on his ears grew back.  And he’s become my little shadow; follows me everywhere.  Sleeps on my chest at night.  Greets me when I walk in the door after work.  Jack is very judicious in regard to his purring, so when he does it’s a real treat.  But the very best part about all of this is this… watching the boys hang together. 

I suppose my point (if there has to be one) is that I’m glad that my partner and I decided to try again.  It would have been easy to just surrender the 2nd cat idea and let Desi remain solo.  But we really believed that if we could find the right fit, and took our time with the introductions… Desi wouldn’t have to be lonely during the day or when we’re out of town… or, ever, really.  And we have the resources for an additional pet, so it seemed a waste not to rescue.  Get at least one more black cat into its forever home.  And so we have.  Thanks much East Bay SPCA for taking such great care of Jack, until we could get to him.  With four of us in the house, it feels like home again.


White Noise Adoption Update (East Bay SPCA - Oakland)

"White Noise is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I am in love with her,
and I'm so grateful to have her in my life. She's definitely made me feel a lot
better, and having her around my apartment is great. She's sitting on my lap as
I write to you this very moment. I've had no problem with her whatsoever, and
she's just been great. 

The very first night she came to my place, we slept
together. She loves laying on top of me and just hanging around. It's great, we're
such a perfect match. I don't know if you remember, but at the shelter she
seemed a little frightened. Now whenever I come home she greets me and is
extremely happy to see me. Whenever I leave to school, I give her a kiss on the
forehead. Oh by the way, she loves it when I kiss her! Sometimes, she'll even
come up to me so I can give her a kiss, it's incredibly cute." 


We found our lucky "Penny!"

From the minute we brought her home, she was a PERFECT
fit with our family. Since she is such an easy going, well behaved dog, we
decided that she needed a friend!

We went back to the East Bay SPCA- Dublin to adopt another small dog
to keep Coco company. We found "Creme Fraiche" (Now Penny)

Penny is sweet, full of energy, and a little love bug!! We
could tell she was an "outside only" dog at her former owners
home.  When we first brought her home, she wanted to be outside, and she
only wanted to sleep on the floor, so we gave her a cat's bed that had never
been used, and she slept on the floor in our room for the first few nights.
Then she saw that Coco got to sleep on our bed and she's been with us ever

She's an excellent "guard dog." She'll alert you
if anyone comes near the house! And as you can see, she's computer literate!!
We have two cats, and it took her about 3 or 4 days to get used to them. Now
they are friends...sort of. Penny likes to chase them around the house. They
put up with her for so long, and then let her know that they are in charge with
a little claw less "swat." Coco has tried to tell Penny to leave them
alone, but since they are her size, she thinks she can play with them!

We love Coco and Penny! Thank you East Bay SPCA Dublin. Because of
all the services that you provide for the animals, our family is now

Thank you.

Kim M.

CC aka Ken

It's been less than a month since we got little CC (aka Ken at the East Bay SPCA) & he has been such a joy to have in our home.  He is smart & fun & purrs all the time, so smart for an 8 month (soon to be 9 month) old Kitten.  Thank you for the service you provide & for finding a wonderful addition to our home for years to come!

K. Kozlowski


Raccoon is now a very happy Izabelle

I adopted Raccoon, now known as Izabelle, and usally called Izzy in August.  I am so completely in love with her and so thankful for the East Bay SPCA for helping me find this new addition to my heart.  She is completely full of life and love and brings joy to everyone she meets.  In the shelter she was sweet, shy, and a seemed a little needy, which made me nervous. I'm so glad I took the leap, introduced her slowly to her new home, and was patient through our intital adjustment period. Whether she's bringing a favorite toy into my bed and curling up, purring and giving me kisses, or running like a crazed maniac around the house - you can bet she is doing it with gusto and complete focus.  She is silly, and weird, and loving, and curious, and makes me laugh constantly.  I can be a workaholic and she reminds to stop, smell the roses, play with the toys, and put the computer away.  

I've had two cats of my own and several others in our family all from shelters and all of whom were amazing companions through the various stages of life - and all with unique and differnt personalities.  I look forward to many more years with Izzy and will continue to shout from the rooftops the amazing animals in shelters just waiting to find their forever home.  Thank you to the volunteers and employees at EBSPCA for all of their work and dedication and for their endless patience as I searched for my cat.  We are a perfect match.  


Tutu is awesome!!

We had been looking for a dog to take away the void from losing another one (went to Heaven) a month earlier.
We looked at both SPCA's, the Alameda County Dublin animal shelter and a couple of adoption agencies but had not found that "one". Until we met Tutu!

She was so sweet from the get go. She is a maltese mix and her adoption photo on the East Bay SPCA website had her sporting quite a haircut!. We are so happy with her. We also have a male maltese mix that we couldn't arrange a time to have them both meet because we didn't want to take a chance of losing her. Probably not a good idea but our other maltese is just like her. He loves her! They play together, they sleep together and when they go on walks they are on separate leashes but they walk together like they are attached at the hips. We love her and her tail wags constantly so we know she love us too! The adoption process did not take a lot of time and not at all what I expected. Everybody at the agency was so helpful. We would definitely adopt from the East Bay SPCA again. She is a great fit for us.

"Pine" - adopted from the East Bay SPCA - Oakland Adoption Center


We love Pine and he really loves us.  He is such a cuddle bug and loves to play with his special ballthat has a bell inside.  Piney has a big brother named Aubey (pronounced like Obie) who is 5 years old and the two have been getting along from the beginning.  Piney is growing fast, loves to chase his brother, and has to
be involved in all the activities around the house.  

In the photo is just Piney being mischievous and the other is Piney and Aubey together.  

Thank you for making our family feel complete!


Allyson & Jimmy  


Croissant / Thalia's New Forever Home

"My sweet little girl answers to Thalia now and is doing very well. She is a lovely, good natured dog full of curiosity and energy.  We have walks every morning and evening and she is eager to greet each passerby with a sniff and a wagging tail.

Thalia enjoys visiting and is particularly excited whenever other dogs are involved.  She is quite agile and nimble and has more than once found her way onto the kitchen table. I am working to discourage this, but as you know, smart dogs seem most proud of the things they shouldn't be doing. Her little face just shines with accomplishment as if to say "look what I can do, ma!"

Thalia has made herself at home and is a very important and treasured part of my life.

Thank you for providing such valuable and beneficial service."

Lynne Harbeck

Bonnet is One Happy Girl Kitty Named Bella

"While I've had six cats over the past 40 years, Bella is my first official adoption from any SPCA.  During my first view of the website, I was immediately drawn to her.  She is 2+ years and had been fostered in a loving home.  She is a very shy kitty (we are at day 12 of our new relationship) and blossoming!  She's very clever, loves to play with multiple toys at the same time, loves to be brushed and promptly made her preference for a spot on the bed known.  She watches out every window and loves to see the birds and butterflies arriving in the garden.  The Staff and her Foster Dad were very helpful during the adoption process and I'm very delighted to have this frisky young cat racing around the house."

Thank you!





Rocky "The Rock" aka Newt

Oh my gosh, Rocky is sooooo amazing.  He's more than we could have asked.  The adoption agent said to be cautious because due to the state they originally found him and his brothers, they all had come into the East Bay SPCA wih diarrhea.  

The staff had taken great care of the boys and when we brought Rocky home he was completely fine. Better than expected because he uses the litter box with ease.  

He eats well, he plays like a hyper little kitten and he loves to snuggle. 

Thanks for everything especially for connecting us with our new "baby"!   We couldn't be happier!