Be Kind to Animals Week! May 5-12, 2013

Be kind to animals week is a national celebration dedicated to helping animals and to publicizing the achievements of the nation's animal welfare organizations.

The East Bay SPCA is celebrating by finding out about your "Kind Kids"!

"KIND KID" CONTEST We believe that through education we can foster compassion, awareness, respect and education in the next generation. Every year we have countless kids who support our organization. Many do fundraisers, drives, dog washes, lemonade stands, bake sales and so much more to support the animal in our care; we want to highlight all of the little animal lovers in our community!

Enter your "Kind Kid" to win an opportunity to shadow and work alongside East Bay SPCA shelter staff for one afternoon!
Submit a photo and letter (written by or described to you) from your child describing how they are kind to animals and why it is important to take good care of our furry friends! Submit you entry to We will announce the winner at the end of Be Kind to Animals Week and your child will win the opportunity to work alongside and shadow our shelter staff for one afternoon!

Photos must be submitted with a written response (100 word or less) to the question below.

What makes this child a kind kid? How have they shown compassion to the animals in their community?

It may be in the child’s words, or parents. All submissions are due by Sunday, May 12 at 8 pm.

Contest Rules: Only photos that include both a child (person under 18) and an animal will be considered. Close-ups that convey emotion are what we'd most like to see! You must include complete identification of everyone in the photo. Please submit highest resolution digital format possible; JPG files preferred. You must own the rights to the image and be willing to grant reproduction rights without restriction to East Bay SPCA. We will provide appropriate photography credits where applicable.

2013 WINNER!: Evelyn & Mudge

Evelyn has two dogs, Mudge and Molly (Mudge pictured) that she and her family adopted from local Bay Area animal rescue organizations.

She also had her birthday party, in honor of her dog, and asked guests to bring donations for the animals, instead of presents for herself!

Evelyn believes it is important to always adopt a shelter dog and hopes that all kids will one day have homes!
Congratulations Evelyn and Mudge!

2012 WINNER!: Angelina & Whiskey

Winner 2012Angelina likes to keep an eye out for the animals in our neighborhood and wants to pet anything that walks by. She will always be the first one to offer a lending hand and finds joy in helping others. Since adopting our dog, she is the first one up to feed him and take care of him throughout the day. The excitement between her and Whiskey (our dog) from when she gets home from school is just endearing. They are inseparable.

Congratulations Angelina and Whiskey!


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