"Paws to Consider...Take a Dog or Cat for a Test Drive."

We constantly look for ways to increase not just the quantity of adoptions, but the quality, too. We want adoptions to last a lifetime so we introduced the "Paws to Consider" program to help potential adopters learn whether that pet is a good fit for their home.

Some potential adopters will be able to try out a dog or cat for a few days without the risk of a lifetime commitment. Although we realize a few days still won't give you all the answers, we think this program will provide the opportunity for more cats and dogs to find the perfect home.

What about adoption being a lifetime commitment?

While it can be argued that anyone who wants to adopt should be prepared to make a full commitment before taking the animal home, we know that even many of us humans didn't find the loves of our lives after just a 1- or 2-hour meeting. We want to give our four-legged friends an equal chance of finding the best home.

How does the program work?

Some, but not all animals, will be part of this program. Clients must still meet all adoption requirements and must be prepared to leave a drivers' license and credit card number with us before they can participate. We will provide all necessary tools (crate, leash, collar, etc) and food for the duration of the trial period. We will also follow up with all clients in the program after the first night, and again after a couple days.

If everything is going well and the clients wants to officially adopt their guest, they will return and complete the adoption paperwork. If it wasn't a match made in heaven, we'll work with you to see what was missing and didn't meet your expectations.

Finding your new best friend might happen quickly, it might take time.

Clients participating in this program should realize that it takes dogs and cats a while to settle in at a new home and although they won't probably won't see the true personality of the dog or cat for a good while longer, being able to spend time with the animal at their home will give them a much better opportunity to see if it is a good match.

Visit either of our facilities to see which dogs and cats are in this program and take one for a test drive today!