Class Descriptions & Schedules

Below is a list of our workshops and classes. Please click on the classes below for their descriptions, locations, fees and times.

SPECIAL Free Event April 21: LUGNUTS!

Lugnuts is a weight pulling competition designed to tap into your dog’s wonderful ability to pull. Bully breeds excel in this area since they are very strong and determined. Any dog can participate, even the little Chihuahuas!

Space is limited to 10, so make sure to sign up now!





These classes are designed to provide you with immediate education, basic training strategies and management tools to implement in your home.  These classes are a great first step in learning how to care for your animal and enrich your relationship.  

Cat Care and Enrichment Workshop - human only
Dog Care and Enrichment Workshop - human only

Level One Classes

These classes are for dogs ages 6 months and older.  You will learn how to communicate with your dog, strengthen your existing bond and teach them polite behaviors for the real world. Your dog will learn to respond to his name, walk nicely on leash, sit, lie down, and more!

Mind Your Manners 1
Bully Basics
Small Dog Smarts 1
Socializing the Small Dog:  Pint Size Playgroup 

Puppy Classes                                      

These classes are for puppies between 9 and 24 weeks old who have received at least 2 DHPP vaccinations. These classes are an opportunity for new puppy parents to start their companions out on the right paw.  The classes focus on socialization, common behavior concerns and basic manners.

Puppy Playtime
Puppy Pre-School: 10 - 16 weeks
Puppy Kindergarten:  16 - 24 weeks

Advanced and Specialty Classes

These classes are for dogs who have completed at least one Level Two class. Most of these classes are limited to dogs who are not aggressive towards other dogs or people. See class descriptions for specific requirements. If you are not sure if your dog is ready to take one of these classes, please contact the instructor directly before enrolling.

Mind Your Manners 2
PALS - Pets and Love Shared
Canine Good Citizen Prep and Test

Small Dog Smarts 2 - NEW! 
Private Classes/Evaluations