Specialty Classes

Our specialty classes are designed to be fun, informative, and really take your behavior and training to the next level!

Grumpy Growlers

This class is designed for owners who have a challenging time walking their reactive dog on leash in their neighborhood since their dog may whine, bark and lunge at the sight of other dogs. Please check back for classes in Spring, 2016.


This six week class uses a dog's natural abilities for hunting to find hidden treats, toys or other items. Nose work will build confidence and focus as your dog is rewarded for doing what comes naturally! It's also a safe way to provide mental and physical exercise to all types of dogs. Handlers will learn about dog body language and how to motivate their dogs, as well as great tools for developing your relationship with your pet! Register now!




Introduction to Odor is a continuation of skills learned from the Intro to Nose Work Class. Dogs are taught to identify their first target odor: a natural essential oil. Skills that each handler acquires from the class include: search techniques, dog/handler teamwork and reading the dog's body language during the search. Dogs and handlers must have completed Intro to Nose Work and have instructor approval to register for this class. Register now!


This class continues to advance the dog's skills taught in the Introduction to Odor class. We will introduce exterior and vehicle searches and continue to increase the team's skills at interior and container searches. Additionally, we will continue to enhance the handler's skills for building better dog/handler teamwork. Dogs and handlers must have completed Intro to Odor and have instructor approval to register for this class. Register now!

Dog Agility for fun 1

Dog agility is a sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. This class is designed to introduce to both you and your dog the equipment used during the obstacle course. We work on attention, focus and sending the dog out to do each obstacle.    Register now!


Dog Agility for fun 2

This class continues on from Agility for Fun 1, introducing more equipment, obstacles and training techniques for agility fun.  Come play with your dog, have fun working on new skills, and learn some "tricks of the trade."     Register now!