Teaching Love and Compassion (TLC)

What is TLC?
Teaching Love and Compassion (TLC) is a six-week long, intensive after-school program run in collaboration with Light House Community Charter school. TLC is a violence prevention and intervention program; it aims to teach empathy and respect for all living beings through a combination of dog training and humane education. During the program, 14 middle school age students spend about half of their program time learning about important topics which include spaying and neutering, animal welfare, grooming, anger management, public speaking, conflict resolution and the web of life. With the guidance of the TLC staff students are able to spend the other half of their program time training EBSPCA shelter dogs.

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And who, you may ask, are the TLC dogs?
Over the six-week program period, students are paired up and then matched with one of seven dogs individually selected. The students train their TLC dogs using only positive reinforcement. The diverse group of TLC dogs learn basic commands from their student trainers such as sit, watch, touch, down, dance and even some fun agility tricks such as jumping through a hula hoop! Students learn responsibility for their actions through training his or her own dog and the dogs become more viable candidates for adoption due to their newly learned manners! If you are interested in adopting a TLC dog, please speak to our front desk staff in order to find out when TLC dogs are done with their commitment to the program and are ready to go to their forever home. Each dog is usually ready to go home once the TLC program session has concluded, however, it is also possible to put TLC dogs on hold for potential adopters.