Bay Area Pet Resources

The East Bay SPCA has been saving pets in our community since 1874. We are proud of our history and look forward to providing lifesaving programs and services for the next 140 years. Please see a list of frequently asked questions and resources below.

Humane Advocate
Our Humane Advocate is a social worker for people and their pets. Our Humane Advocacy program offers services ranging from free veterinary outreach/vaccine clinics, to pet food pantry and a medical fund. Click here for more information.

Surrendering your pet to the care of the East Bay SPCA
There are a number of options to explore before making the difficult decision to surrender your pet. Giving up part of your family should be your last resort. If you have reached that point we are deeply sorry. Please see our Pet Surrender Services for more information.

Lost and Found Pets
Find helpful information about what to do in case you've lost or pet, or found someone else's. Click here.

Feral Cats
Feral cats are domestic cats, just like pet cats and stray cats. However, feral cats differ from pet or stray cats in that they are not socialized to people. Hissing and growling are defense mechanisms that a feral cat will exhibit when approached by humans. Do you need help with feral cats? Please click through to our Feral Cats page for more information.

Dog Licenses

Wondering where to get your dog licensed? Click Here to get more information.

Dogs Outdoors and Traveling with your Pooch
Bay Area Dog Parks- a helpful guide from the people at Bay Area Insider.
Hiking Trails for Dogs - a terrific list of parks and preserves around the bay area where dogs are allowed on the trail. is a great resource and guide for all things dog!

Dealing with the Loss of a Pet
To read articles about dealing with the loss of a pet or to get information on local pet loss support groups and hotlines click here.

Reporting Cruelty or Neglect
If you see an animal being abused or neglected, immediately contact the nearest public animal control agency: click here. Visit our page Reporting Animal Cruelty or Neglect for definitions of abuse/neglect and tips before you make a call.