East Bay SPCA Videos

The East Bay SPCA is committed to keeping people and animals together. We offer an array of services that meet this mission including animal sheltering and adoptions, foster care, dog training, full-service veterinary services, affordable spay/neuter and humane education programs! Please view our videos to learn about the East Bay SPCA: Saving lives since 1874!


Oaktown Pups

Oakland proud, the East Bay SPCA was established in 1874 and is one of the oldest animal welfare organizations in the United States. Staff members hammed it up for the cameras to get the message out that shelter dogs come in all breeds, sizes and shapes. And they are happy, healthy and looking for forever homes. Every dancing dog that appears in the video was adopted from the East Bay SPCA.  The video also encourages viewers to “spay and neuter your pup” in an unforgettable catchy chorus.

Penny's Story

The Sit, Stay Home Fund helps us keep local animals with their loving owners by providing funding for emergency veterinary services to low-income pet owners. Penny's success story is a reflection of how the Sit, Stay Home Fund helps keep families together.

Chester's Story

Chester was brought to the East Bay SPCA and veterinarians soon discovered he had a life-threatening heart condition. Find out where Chester is now and visit www.eastbayspca.org/donate to help more pets like Chester find their happily ever afters! 

Crookshanks' Story

Crookshanks, a 2 year old male tabby, was brought to the East Bay SPCA in Oakland by a good Samaritan who found him with a wounded torso. East Bay SPCA veterinarians soon discovered the source of his pain: someone had placed a rubberband around him that had become embedded in his skin. Watch Crookshanks' Story to find out what happened and visit www.eastbayspca.org/relief to help pets like Crookshanks get their second chance!

Orion's Story

Orion was found hungry, emaciated, and with an embedded collar in his neck. However, the East Bay SPCA brought him back to health and found him his forever home with Brea Didato! It’s hard to say how Orion’s life would have turned out if the East Bay SPCA hadn’t intervened. But Brea Didato is very glad we did. “For the East Bay SPCA to invest in a giant blue pit bull with a lot of medical needs was really wonderful,” Didato explains. “I don’t know if words can describe how thankful my entire family is to the East Bay SPCA. They’ve helped us complete our family and given us one of the best pets I think I’ve ever owned. I couldn’t be more thankful.”

Club Second Chance

Our Club Second Chance program raises life-saving funds for older animals or special needs pets that require surgeries, medications and or behavioral services to help them transition to happy new lives.

Clicker Training

Did you know you can clicker train your dog? Clicker training uses positive reinforcement to tell a dog what behavior you want him or her to do. Learn more.