Young Adult and CHILD Volunteers

Children ages 10-15 are welcome volunteer as part of an adult/child team, under supervision of a trained guardian. Both guardian and child must attenda a Meet & Greet Session and then submit application to become volunteers.

  • All children must be at least 10 years of age
  • The child must be with the trained parent or guardian at all times
  • One child per adult
  • In positions that involve handling dogs, the adult must hold the leash at all times

Young adults, ages 16 or 17, may volunteer independently with signed consent from a legal guardian. All young adults must be accompanied by a guardian to the Meet & Greet Session and the New Volunteer Orientation.

Children ages 10 and up are also eligible for our Youth Volunteer Club.

PLEASE NOTE: All youth who have participated in one of our Youth Volunteer Programs are able to be fast-tracked into our regular weekly volunteer program whenever we have availability.